Concerning Nigel: taking on the Omega Male paradigm

Concerning Nigel: understanding the Omega Male from Ann Danylkiw on Vimeo.

The Omega Male is a new kind of man, in the last 30 years that has evolved out of feminism. Men's roles have changed alongside changes in social equity, but their roles and community have not been as well nor as effectively defined as feminism. The Man Collective is a group of men acting to redefine masculinity.

On 22 March, 2010 the Man Collective had their first Gathering in south London. Before the Gathering, I asked women what they wanted to know, and on the day, the men answered.

Ann is a freelance new media journalist, educated in Finance Economics. She considers herself to be a citizen of the world, though she is American by nationality, and a legal resident of the state of Wisconsin (yeah, go ahead and chuckle). See her other blog: Missing The Bear.
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